2013 Sask Salsa Congress

This year’s 2nd annual International Saskatchewan Salsa & Bachata Congress once again showcased some amazing acts from Canada, the U.S., and Latin America. Some of my favourite performers from last year came back to what organizer Albert Torres called “the smallest Congress on the planet.” Don’t read that as a negative, though – I can’t imagine you’d get the opportunity to be this up close and personal with salsa’s superstars at any of the huge congresses held in L.A. or elsewhere around the globe.

My favourite part of the performance (besides the incredible dancing) is being backstage afterwards, watching the performers hang out and goof around after the show. The Sunday night farewell party, with massive dance numbers led by star performers in which everyone is welcome to join in, was pretty rockin’ – I can honestly say I’ve never seen a crowd have that much fun at Outlaws.

For more information, visit sasksalsabachatacongress.com and ‘like’ their Facebook page for updates on next year’s Congress.