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Name: Christina Weese. Additional: Grew up in small town Saskatchewan. First photography course was in black & white film at Medicine Hat College. Has a Bachelor of Design degree from the University of Alberta. Head designer at Foxtail Studio. Thinks Saskatchewan is an interesting place to photograph people within landscape. Loves the light here, especially in June. Owns an ex-racehorse named Charming Jim, who is indeed charming.

Painted Lady Butterfly


Butterflies! I don’t know what that purple flower is called but it grows in my yard and they were very into it this year. I looked up the butterfly species and to the best of my knowledge the one is a Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) and the other is a Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta).

I had a few things I had to adjust in pursuit of a sharp image. I was shooting with a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens on a full-frame body and both shutter speed and aperture had to be increased to compensate for camera shake and depth of field, respectively, when shooting at the end of the zoom. Most of these are shot with a 1/320 shutter and f/7.1 aperture. Being in the shade meant that at this shutter speed and aperture combo, I had to bump up to a 400 ISO to compensate.

WCVM Calendar

WCVM Calendar 2014

The 2014 WCVM Calendar is out and it looks super cool! I did a series of photo shoots for the calendar in the fall and it was so neat to get a behind-the-scenes look at all the different departments – critical care, dentistry, opthalmology, anaesthesia, oncology, and wellness, to name a few.

On the cover is Dr. Barbara Ambros with one of her research cats. The cats stay at the WCVM and participate in studies such as pet food research, and are adopted out to private homes after three years.

Calendar design by Elan Priddy. 

WCVM Pet Rehab Poster

One of the very first shoots I did at the WCVM was in their Pet Rehab centre, showing some of the patients receiving rehab therapy. It was really a fun shoot (even the cat cooperated!) and their communications office was kind enough to send me a poster they recently designed to promote the centre’s services during Saskatoon’s annual Pets in the Park.

Photography: C. Weese; Design: U of S 

2013 Sask Salsa Congress

This year’s 2nd annual International Saskatchewan Salsa & Bachata Congress once again showcased some amazing acts from Canada, the U.S., and Latin America. Some of my favourite performers from last year came back to what organizer Albert Torres called “the smallest Congress on the planet.” Don’t read that as a negative, though – I can’t imagine you’d get the opportunity to be this up close and personal with salsa’s superstars at any of the huge congresses held in L.A. or elsewhere around the globe.

My favourite part of the performance (besides the incredible dancing) is being backstage afterwards, watching the performers hang out and goof around after the show. The Sunday night farewell party, with massive dance numbers led by star performers in which everyone is welcome to join in, was pretty rockin’ – I can honestly say I’ve never seen a crowd have that much fun at Outlaws.

For more information, visit and ‘like’ their Facebook page for updates on next year’s Congress.

2013 Prairie Quarter Horse Breeders’ Futurity

A rainy, late spring meant entry numbers were a bit smaller at this year’s PQHB Futurity, but we still had a blast at Prairieland Park. Judge Ron Anderson kept us entertained and Dale Clearwater once again won the overall high-point award. The PQHB show committee puts a lot of work into sponsors and awards – all you need to do is purchase a nice prospect at next year’s PQHB Auction to sign up!

A Visit to the Synchrotron

Today I went out on a portrait shoot today for upcoming stories in WCVM Today and Vet Topics. And it took place at the Canadian Light Source Synchrotron! I can’t share any details until the article’s published, but here’s a panorama shot of the inside of the synchrotron. You can see the large circular track where they shoot the electrons around using magnets and the blue line in the bottom right is one of the ‘downlines’ that brings light off the main track so it can be used for experiments. Sometimes it amazes me that we build all these high-tech pieces of scientific wizardry, just so that we can see something better with our own human eyes.

I told them they should be angling for a guest appearance on the Big Bang Theory.

UPDATE: This article was published in the Star Phoenix October 15, 2012.
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Saskatoon Exhibition (2012)

The Saskatoon Ex was a big deal for us the summer these photos were taken. We lived much closer to Prairieland Park – close enough to get residential parking passes, also close enough to watch the nightly fireworks from our front porch. Since I was working at the racetrack that summer, I had an all-access pass. It was also the year I tried out the Zipper – while I’m always up for the giant slingshot, the Zipper isn’t one I’m eager to repeat.

We still live on the south side of Saskatoon, but we aren’t close enough to see the fireworks any more.

Grad Photo Session

I love how this session turned out and I’m so excited to share. I was lucky to be asked to photograph Katee’s grad two years ago and this year it was younger sister Haley’s turn. Both girls are gorgeous! It was a cold, rainy day so we headed inside the Delta Bessborough for the photo session. Here are just a few of my favourites.

A Year at the Races (2007)

“The clock has run, the horse has run,
and which has measured which?”

– Cormack McCarthy

In 2007 I had a summer job as a groom at Marquis Downs. It was an eye-opening experience – I understand ex-racehorses much better now. These photos were shot with my first DSLR camera, an old Pentax, which gave the photos a gritty, grainy feel that I liked very much. I’ve gone back and photographed at the track many times since then, but have never quite been able to capture the same feel as in 2007.