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WCVM Calendar

WCVM Calendar 2014

The 2014 WCVM Calendar is out and it looks super cool! I did a series of photo shoots for the calendar in the fall and it was so neat to get a behind-the-scenes look at all the different departments – critical care, dentistry, opthalmology, anaesthesia, oncology, and wellness, to name a few.

On the cover is Dr. Barbara Ambros with one of her research cats. The cats stay at the WCVM and participate in studies such as pet food research, and are adopted out to private homes after three years.

Calendar design by Elan Priddy. 

WCVM Pet Rehab Poster

One of the very first shoots I did at the WCVM was in their Pet Rehab centre, showing some of the patients receiving rehab therapy. It was really a fun shoot (even the cat cooperated!) and their communications office was kind enough to send me a poster they recently designed to promote the centre’s services during Saskatoon’s annual Pets in the Park.

Photography: C. Weese; Design: U of S