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Stories told with words *and* pictures are the best kind…

Saskatoon Exhibition (2012)

The Saskatoon Ex was a big deal for us the summer these photos were taken. We lived much closer to Prairieland Park – close enough to get residential parking passes, also close enough to watch the nightly fireworks from our front porch. Since I was working at the racetrack that summer, I had an all-access pass. It was also the year I tried out the Zipper – while I’m always up for the giant slingshot, the Zipper isn’t one I’m eager to repeat.

We still live on the south side of Saskatoon, but we aren’t close enough to see the fireworks any more.

A Year at the Races (2007)

“The clock has run, the horse has run,
and which has measured which?”

– Cormack McCarthy

In 2007 I had a summer job as a groom at Marquis Downs. It was an eye-opening experience – I understand ex-racehorses much better now. These photos were shot with my first DSLR camera, an old Pentax, which gave the photos a gritty, grainy feel that I liked very much. I’ve gone back and photographed at the track many times since then, but have never quite been able to capture the same feel as in 2007.